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New Sites Are Here

July 10, 2011

Here’s my new blog:
Present and Gift Ideas Blog

And here’s my new website:
Present and Gift Ideas

And here’s my other new site: Top Gear Gear


Final Post

September 2, 2009

Given that Uni is over it seems the right time to wrap this little blog up.

Cliched but true, three years have gone by at a freakishly quick speed. It’s been a tougher course that I expected, and a more rewarding one than anticipated.

Whatever the future brings, and whether this course (and hopefully a First or 2:1) will lead to a career, time will tell. Personally I’m just glad to get finished, and fairly proud of the work I’ve submitted.

Peace out.

Stick a Fork in me… I’m done!

August 19, 2009

The Major has been handed in. I feel about three stone lighter, which is ironic given that’s roughly the quantity of alcohol I’m about to consume.

Major Heartache

August 14, 2009

Yet more changes. Alex suggested I put in a new scene to explain why the villains are chasing after them. He also reckoned I need to change the big showdown at the end, to have the hero be more pro-active.

Getting all this supplemental material together right now. I reckon, all in, the Major will add up to about 500 pages, including the rough draft, and all this background character gumph. It’s lucky we’ve still got free printer access.

Nervous Days

August 8, 2009

So. Getting there at last. Dissertation finished and handed in. I’m feeling good about it. The subject matter seemed to genuinely interest my tutor.

The Major is still keeping me up at night. I don’t know how many more drafts of this thing I can be bothered for. Still, had a phone call with Nell and she was lovely as ever. Extremely supportive and positive about it.

I’ll just have to plough on. Two weeks to go. Almost there…

Last Lap

July 21, 2009

This major script is one slippery fish – I thought my first draft pretty squarely nailed the idea, but looking at it with fresh eyes, there are some heavy duty changes needed. Which, after the break, I’ll elaborate on…

Weak villains. The single biggest flaw in most of Hollywood’s output. Weak villain=weak hero. I need to give these crazy chemists more craziness. Possibly less chemistry.

Locations. So it’s set in Norfolk. Not exactly the most colourful, transcendant land in all the… land. Still, research will hopefully uncover somewhere a little more eye-catching that flat fields and the Broads.

Maybe it needs a little sprinkling of a Wes Anderson vibe: quirky, amusing but not overtly looking for laughs. Throw in some drama, a bit of pathos, and it’ll feel a more rounded entertainment (which was always the intention. Shill? That’s Mr Shill, to you).

Saw Walk Hard the other day, incidentally. Funny, funny. Why this Apatow flick has been dismissed and tanked at the box office I can’t fathom… it just might be his funniest yet.

Abnormal for Norfolk

July 2, 2009

I’m having second thoughts about setting this script in Norfolk. I like the place but being that comedy is an element it’s too easy to write Norfolk hicks doing hick stuff. It plays well to those who haven’t visited the county but (for the most part) it’s just not true to life. It’s hacky, is what I’m driving at

Otherwise it’s looking fine. Jed read the first few pages and gave it a mostly positive critique. He offered a few changes so I’ll look to incorporate some of them now.

A Minor Place

April 14, 2009

So I’m basing my Minor on the life of Alan Watts. It’s a hack job. I’ve gutted the complex, ambiguous aspects of the man, brought in convenient and simplified dramatic beats. The man himself was so interesting that I hope it’ll still get me that 2.1 but it could be 10 times better – with more time and a binning of 70% of what I’ve written.

One day someone will make a movie of this man’s life. Now seems the perfect time for it, that’s the galling thing: in the face of economic meltdown, etc. etc. Perfect time to look at the damage of ego-centric, selfish people… and, anyway, Alan’s philosophies deserve a wider audience.

Having said that I’m still quietly confident it’ll get a good grade. It’s not a typical, formulaic story – got to get some kudos for that, if nothing else.

Write On

February 27, 2009

It’s somehow much easier to churn out these script pages knowing that it’s the third and very much final year. Last year, let’s not pretend differently: it became a bit of a chore.

Looking over the schedule, it looks a piece of pie (on paper, at least… which schedules tend to be written on). Four assignments for the whole academic year. Pie piece. But then I’m reminded of what last year’s third years warned us: everything was a cake walk when compared to this year

This blog is making me hungry.

Talbot Trauma

November 12, 2008

Big week. Nell Denton has read a draft of THE SCRIPT. Her notes were great. She didn’t love it, but the suggestions are sound, will add some great touches and bring up the grade (one hopes).

There were elements she was uneasy about – the sex scene perhaps top of that list. I agree that it needs to be reworked, maybe even binned. It’s a turning point, and in the protagonist’s arc it is important, but I’m not making an Animal House for the Noughties. It’s a question of maintaining a consistent tone

Anyway she was cool in our meeting, and it was all a pleasant relief, which was followed by a celebratory cappuccino.