Last Lap

This major script is one slippery fish – I thought my first draft pretty squarely nailed the idea, but looking at it with fresh eyes, there are some heavy duty changes needed. Which, after the break, I’ll elaborate on…

Weak villains. The single biggest flaw in most of Hollywood’s output. Weak villain=weak hero. I need to give these crazy chemists more craziness. Possibly less chemistry.

Locations. So it’s set in Norfolk. Not exactly the most colourful, transcendant land in all the… land. Still, research will hopefully uncover somewhere a little more eye-catching that flat fields and the Broads.

Maybe it needs a little sprinkling of a Wes Anderson vibe: quirky, amusing but not overtly looking for laughs. Throw in some drama, a bit of pathos, and it’ll feel a more rounded entertainment (which was always the intention. Shill? That’s Mr Shill, to you).

Saw Walk Hard the other day, incidentally. Funny, funny. Why this Apatow flick has been dismissed and tanked at the box office I can’t fathom… it just might be his funniest yet.


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