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A Minor Place

April 14, 2009

So I’m basing my Minor on the life of Alan Watts. It’s a hack job. I’ve gutted the complex, ambiguous aspects of the man, brought in convenient and simplified dramatic beats. The man himself was so interesting that I hope it’ll still get me that 2.1 but it could be 10 times better – with more time and a binning of 70% of what I’ve written.

One day someone will make a movie of this man’s life. Now seems the perfect time for it, that’s the galling thing: in the face of economic meltdown, etc. etc. Perfect time to look at the damage of ego-centric, selfish people… and, anyway, Alan’s philosophies deserve a wider audience.

Having said that I’m still quietly confident it’ll get a good grade. It’s not a typical, formulaic story – got to get some kudos for that, if nothing else.