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October 20, 2008

I declare this week: Useless Week.

Been feeling sick all week, trying to get a treatment down to show Nell. I really can’t be bothered. I keep starting it and then quitting and putting The Wire DVD’s on. If nothing else the hell they call Baltimore reminds one that it could be worse.


Major Headache

October 12, 2008

This Major idea, the teen sex comedy thang, it might make my fellow juvenile students chuckle, but I can’t possibly submit it as my freaking MAJOR!!

Well I could. But it wouldn’t be the pragmatic option.

What I have to remember is that Nell Denton is my tutor – and it might be cynical to gear your work to your tutor, but it’s also a bit sensible. And I doubt she’s particularly into Porky’s or American Pie. Somehow.