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Scriptwriting course?

April 23, 2008

Scriptwriting course?

So far I’ve written 3 essays this academic year; one on auteur theory, one on role models in the media, and now, interactive computer games. Someone needs to do something about this – this is turning into a media studies course, with occasional script diversions. Not good.

And I’m not the only one to think so – in fact every scriptwriter I’ve talked to agrees that the second year has been badly designed. This frustration has naturally been heightened by the raise in course fees we’ve all had to pay this year.

Meanwhile –

I’ve done the roughest of rough drafts of my 60 minuter, based on John Foster’s advice – to sometimes just sit and write instead of planning every facet first. After putting together three treatments for possible stories since last summer and not really liking any of them I pretty much just splurged out 57 pages without much planning, and essentially spliced characters/themes from each of the separate treatments. I haven’t even read it yet, it’s been on the shelf for 12 days… and now I’m about to print a copy out and read it through. I’ve no idea what it’ll be like, but I have 4 weeks to fix it, whatever it’s like.