After the Marion Mayer lecture on placements a couple of weeks ago, and specifically hearing from several 3rd years who have been through it, refocused me. A lot of their experiences seemed to centre on finances. Thus, CV rule #1: no going to London. This obviously limits the options a touch, but it’s a necessary rule. I loathe London anyway, but the financial implications of needing to find accommodation, food, transport etc in the capital while still paying my rent in Bournemouth on top of that is an impossible task.

I’ve been stressing out about my CV for months. As per my usual way of dealing with stress, I spent months letting anxiety turn into panic before doing anything about it. I finished the CV in about 10 minutes – and there followed the oh so familiar feeling of, “what was all the fuss about?”

Update: Much thought later, and a few suggestions from people around me, and I have a plan. I’ve contacted a music production company/record label in Cambridge about doing my placement there. It’s a bit off topic for scriptwriting, but after hearing about the scriptwriter who spent his last summer running laundry around for a producer, it doesn’t seem so irrelevant anymore. My brother said he can put me up, so maybe things are looking up.


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