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What I Did When I Wasn’t Here

January 14, 2008

First day of term. Have been working on my 60 minute script over the holidays, remembering something Sophie said (one of last year’s 2nd year scriptwriters), that although it’s the last script we hand in this year it’s the one we need to work on early, otherwise there will be a nightmare come April.

I got some nice anecdotes from friends over the time I spent away which make up the backbone of it, and it makes me feel like I may have a grip on this thing at last. The downside is the lack of progress on our TV show. We are left with 17 days to do a 100+ page bible and work out treatments for 13 60 minute scripts. The only reason I’m not panicking is the fact this isn’t being marked.

In the next episode: CV. Stay tuned.