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Year 2, Post 2

November 29, 2007

Just handed in my Authorship essay, with the assurity that I have not answered the question asked. I only came to this moment-of-clarity last night, so too late to do much about it. Also, I may get  zero anyway based on what Marian Mayer has informed me re. the incompetence of my referencing attempts.

Lunch: BLT and pomegranate juice.


Year the 2nd, Post the 1st.

November 12, 2007

And that’s the first month over with. What happened? Lots of assignments given to us, the odd lecture, not much work done. Reading week is up soon, I’ll have to spend it working on the Authorship essay, and if I can somehow finish up the script editing project the same week, then I’m on schedule. I’d like to be working on either of the 60-minute scripts instead, but I have to chore through all this first.

Our sports project is going all right, compared to what I’ve been hearing from the other groups at least, we’ve established sport (polo), arena, central conflicts (class and family), main characters, some supporting characters. We’re doing all right. But when I look at the best scripted hour long dramas on telly, it depresses me how deficient we are. We’re happy if we come up with an idea at all, so we add it to the mess of plot we’ve concocted and hope it all gels. Newsflash: never gonna happen. It’s a mess and I know we don’t have the intuition and skill to do any better, ultimately. The drama series remains a largely untapped artform, it has potential someone said several years ago to usurp film as the dominant medium, artistically as well as popularly. It shares more in common with a novel than a movie in certain key ways. Few ever bother to explore the potential, choosing instead to come up with formulaic stories of the week, that are merely mini-movies with cheap production values – and a waste of the medium.

Joss Whedon described film as male and tv as female: The male wants to get in there, get it done and get out. The female wants to take her time and look it over from every angle.