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Summer Project

May 30, 2007

Summer term has been odd.

No lectures at all, just group meetings where we discuss what we’re to do… and every time the same thing happens. We come up with something wacky and then keep adding to it and weirding it up more and more, until it’s entirely confusing and us scriptwriters are left wondering how in Zeus we’re supposed to structure a script around the idea.

I assumed naively that the IMP’s and TV students would know something about scriptwriting structure, but they seemed only interested in crazy, crazy comic madness.
Anyway, Alex and myself have written the scripts now, we toned down the stupidity ever so slightly, but our group wanted, nay insisted, comedy – and you always give a rabble what they want.

Let’s hope it goes down well, personally I think it’s funny, although we’ve ignored nearly every rule we’ve been taught over the first year re: don’t become dialiogue heavy – GUILTY; don’t direct on the page – GUILTY; 3-act coherent structure – ER, EXTREMELY GUILTY.

I feel in fact over this assignment that I’ve regressed back to the writing I was doing before coming here, which is a concern. Speaking to other scriptwriters, I know I’m not the only one who feels that way.

Let’s just hope we get a respectable pass, and then can move back to conventional scripts next year.