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My audience assignment, unbelievably, is all finished with nearly a week to go before the due date. I was freaking about getting it done, pretty sure there would be a last minute panic. It’s weird, last time we had 11 weeks for the assignment and it was last minute mayhem, now we have 4 weeks and it’s under control. The fact that I got an idea and didn’t feel I needed to change it too much cut down a lot of the time probs.

Phil Matthews lecture about character choices was majorly helpful. My problem in the previous script was my inactive, weak protagonist and by giving my main characters 3 choices, as Phil recommended, and an arc, it fixes a lot of it.

I don’t know for sure, it’s hard to gauge how good anything is right after finishing it, but apart from one obvious issue (the midpoint of act 2… specificially that there isn’t one), I think this might be the most complete, pro-esque script I’ve written.


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