Christmas Time

The 1st term is over. We’re 1/9 through the course.

The pitch with Jon Evans went well. He liked the idea possibly more than I did. There are moments I like a lot that motivate me to persevere with the thing, but now the 1st draft is done I’m not happy with the results. It’s cliche-ridden with, at best, 2-dimensional characterisation and lousy and loose plotting. I love domino-effect plotting, where 1 event leads unavoidably to the next. This script stumbles from one contrivance to the next, for no understandable reason.

My treatment is partly to blame. I dug it at first… I’d never written one before and it seemed watertight, but it sucks. Really sucks. Of course, here’s a second thought: the treatment may not be the problem at all. It could just be my inability to write human beings. Oh well. Happy Christmas.


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