Here we are, December.

So the Narrative script needs to be started. 30 pages. Er. Seems like a lot. Although after the mind-numbing experience that was known as “Essay” it’s a fun diversion. I have to occassionally remind myself this is why I came here, ya know, to be writing scripts and challenging myself and stuff. It’s good. Really, I’m not just saying that. It is.

Seeing Christian again next week re: pitch for Narrative assignment. It’s a sound idea to have the pitch so early in the process. No way in chuff do I want to go through the 3 scripts per assignment palarva of last time – blindly and blithely hoping that he’ll finally get round to liking something I write.

No question about it, this one needs to float right off the bat. And there’s a weird mixed metaphor for a coda. Bye.


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