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Christmas Time

December 18, 2006

The 1st term is over. We’re 1/9 through the course.

The pitch with Jon Evans went well. He liked the idea possibly more than I did. There are moments I like a lot that motivate me to persevere with the thing, but now the 1st draft is done I’m not happy with the results. It’s cliche-ridden with, at best, 2-dimensional characterisation and lousy and loose plotting. I love domino-effect plotting, where 1 event leads unavoidably to the next. This script stumbles from one contrivance to the next, for no understandable reason.

My treatment is partly to blame. I dug it at first… I’d never written one before and it seemed watertight, but it sucks. Really sucks. Of course, here’s a second thought: the treatment may not be the problem at all. It could just be my inability to write human beings. Oh well. Happy Christmas.



December 1, 2006

Here we are, December.

So the Narrative script needs to be started. 30 pages. Er. Seems like a lot. Although after the mind-numbing experience that was known as “Essay” it’s a fun diversion. I have to occassionally remind myself this is why I came here, ya know, to be writing scripts and challenging myself and stuff. It’s good. Really, I’m not just saying that. It is.

Seeing Christian again next week re: pitch for Narrative assignment. It’s a sound idea to have the pitch so early in the process. No way in chuff do I want to go through the 3 scripts per assignment palarva of last time – blindly and blithely hoping that he’ll finally get round to liking something I write.

No question about it, this one needs to float right off the bat. And there’s a weird mixed metaphor for a coda. Bye.